An ironic story

A sarcastic story and at the same time an optimistic view of the current socio-economic reality. The tender scenes of my parents in their intimacy, the revealing subplot of animated cartoons and my voice over reflections during the journey bring into the story ironic comments and subtle humour (sometimes no so subtle) in order to simplify the always tedious explanations about economics and why not, to demonstrate that fear has changed sides.

Two journeys in one

A journey back to the village of my origins, where I portrait my octogenarian parents who stoically suffer the consequences of the financial crisis and look for answers they cannot find. A journey across the world to meet intellectuals, economists, sociologists, political scientists and activists who can help us to find answers for my mother, for every mother in the world.

Macro economics lessons for Mami

A 2D animation plot by Jorge Vega and based on the drawings by master Joaquim Aubert “KIM” that explains some of the basics in economic theory and try to clarify the situation we are experiencing in a language that suits Mami.

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Fulgen Samper

Mami was born in Ezkaroze in 1926, a picturesque village in the Pyrennes in Navarre where years later I have ended seeking for shelter from the blows of this huge scam being imposed on us.
Mami hardly got any education because from an early age she had to help at home with the domestic chores of a modest family. Her priority has been to take care and raise their young brothers first, then later her children and her parents whom she accompanied at their home until the very end of their days. Mom is an angel but she doesn’t know it… but I am positive about it…

Ausen Cisneros

My father was also born in Ezkaroze just a year later than Mami. Ausen comes from a family even more modest than Mami’s and joined the labour market at the age of nine and never stopped working until retirement. With a rather delicate health, he looks life passing by and still believes that he will win the lottery so he can give the money to his sons… Mr money, Mr money, almighty knight.


The international experts we interview, highly regarded but with little or no media exposure, provide a thorough analysis of the socio economic in Southern Europe, supplementing the sometimes the biased analysis shared by mainstream media, and they do it on an understandable language for my elderly mother. “Antisystem ” activists and social groups that show how it can and should be organized civil society when the system does not respond to the demands of large sections of society.

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Trailer of I know where the money is mum!


Arturo Cisneros

This is me, and although I love speaking highly of myself, I am not going to do as it sounds crap!… and there is no need to say that I am directing this film and a superb team of great people who are much more talented than me!

Dimas Lasterra

The man who makes my documentary films possible. Once again he has trusted me and opted for this project and now, three years later, he is still coping with me (although he has already told me that I either finish the movie right now or he will just walk off)

Inti Cordera

My Mexican brother who also believed on the film and came with me on the “one man orchestra” filming trip through the USA: producer, camera operator, cinematographer, sound engineer, driver and responsible for logistics and the Mezcal. Long live Mexico bastards!!

La pregunta

Sí.. pero Arturo, dónde está el dinero??

La búsqueda

Un viaje al encuentro de intelectuales, economistas, y activistas que nos ayuden a encontrar respuestas para mi madre, para las madres del mundo.

Las respuestas

Alternativas que buscan provocar un cambio en la sociedad que nos permita sortear la actual crisis sistémica en la que estamos inmersos.



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